One of my favorite pass times is painting, and my favorite medium is watercolor.  Watercolor takes on a life of its own and tends to create a unique result on paper.  I like painting landscapes and I also like to dream up whimsical colorful abstracts that may include pen and ink.  I hope to spark the viewer's imagination.

I enjoy attending art workshops where I am in a creative environment with fellow artists learning new art techniques, discovering new colors, watching how someone paints, sketches, creates and develops their work.  Workshops help give me inspiration.


Like many others in Northern Nevada, I relocated from Southern California.  Carson City has been my home for over 30 years.  I graduated from college here and retired from Human Resources, State of Nevada.


I am a member of the Nevada Artists Association, Mendocino Art Center, Carson Valley Arts Council, Capital City Arts Initiative, and Sierra Watercolor Society.  I've shown my work at the King Street Gallery in Carson City, CVIC Hall in Minden, the Carson City Art Gallery, Wilbur D. May Museum, South Valley Library in Reno, Art Indeed, Nevada Fine Arts, and Mendocino Art Center.  My paintings are in private collections in California, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma and Nevada. 




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